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Here's How to Own a Business
That Makes You Money
While You Sleep

Security, Freedom & Lifestyle

  • Build security for your business and family.
  • Create freedom to do what you want… when you want… where you want… and with who you want.
  • Design your ideal lifestyle with a simple, duplicatable business system.
  • Generate a significant passive income (money that comes whether you work or not) by sharing this program with others.

Achieve Your Financial Dreams

  • Unlimited income potential
  • Simple commission plan
  • World-class payment systems
  • Stable international company
  • World’s best training & support
  • Dedicated success oriented team

6 Degrees of Separation

Ever heard that you can get connected to anyone in the world with only 6 hops?

It’s called the “Six Degrees of Separation” and was made famous by the Hollywood actor, Kevin Bacon.

The “Six Degrees” is now a mathematical theory used by computer network engineers and now social network marketers.

That’s why we believe the “Six Degrees” is the simplest way to compensate you while building your customer base is to pay you for 6 (six) levels of customers.

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Yes, It Really IS This SIMPLE!

  • Subscribe or upgrade yourself to the Silver or Gold Plan
  • Subscribe or upgrade ONE Customer or Affiliate to ANY Paid Plan
  • Silver & Gold Affiliates can earn 50% commission on all their personal customers’ first month subscriptions.
  • Gold Affiliates can earn an additional 50% commission on all their second level customers’ first month subscriptions.
  • Earn 10% commission on up to 6 levels of Customers and Affiliates (month 2 onwards)
  • Pay your subscription from the money you earn (when it exceeds your monthly subscription value)
  • Grow your SupaClix income from your global marketing and team building efforts
Personal Sales
(mth 1) FS Level 1
FS Level 2

(mth 2+) TR Level 1
TR Level 2

TR Level 3
TR Level 4
TR Level 5
TR Level 6

Example 1: A Gold Affiliate gets 4 personal Gold sales and these 4 Affiliates each get 4 personal Gold sales. The Qualifying Gold Affiliate earns $800 (which covers an Annual Gold subscription) and are now eligible to earn 10% commission from all 6 levels of Customers and Affiliates.

Example 2: Get a minimum of 10 Customers or Affiliates anywhere in your 6 affiliate levels (at the same subscription level as you) and your subscription is covered! Everything after that is income.

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Sales Value (SV)

  • Sales Value (SV) is the price a customer pays for a product or service.

Whether you are a Customer, Member or Affiliate, the purchase of any product or service by you (now or in the future) is considered to be a sale by the Affiliate who acquired the sale for SupaClix (directly or indirectly). There are no wholesale or reseller prices.

Business Value (BV)

Business Value (BV) is a percentage of the Sale Value and is used to compute the Affiliate Commissions.

  • BV are currently directly equivalent to AUD (Australian Dollars)

Fast Start (FS)

  • Silver & Gold Affiliates can earn 50% of the first month subscriptions for NEW Personal Customers (Level 1 sales)
  • Gold Affiliates can earn an additional 50% of the first month subscriptions made by their Personally Enrolled Affiliates (Level 2 sales)

Team Rewards (TR)

Affiliates can earn a Team Reward (TR) on sales generated by up to 6 levels of Qualified Affiliates.

  • Level 1 sales are those made by YOU to your Personal Customers, Members and Affiliates (Personal Sales).
  • Level 2 sales are those made by your Level 1 Affiliates (Affiliates you have personally registered).
  • Level 3 sales are those made by your Level 2 Affiliates (Affiliates registered by your Level 1 Affiliates)
  • etc
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Earn from Personal & Team Sales

  • There is nothing to stock or purchase to resell
  • Your capture and sales pages do the presenting and selling for you
  • Earn immediate fast start income from personal sales
  • Earn monthly passive income from sales generated by your affiliate team
  • There is no restriction as to how many sales you can make
  • There is no restriction as to how many Affiliates you can register
  • There is no restriction as to how much commission you can earn
  • You can earn additional income from one-off sales
  • Customers can convert to Affiliates and ‘earn back’ any referred customers

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

Complete the form at your sponsor’s subscription page so they are compensated for your purchase.

Can I Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel?

Affiliates and subscribers may upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel at any time by selecting the appropriate link in their secure member dashboard.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Affiliate?

We DO NOT give ANY income guarantees but you can earn as much as you wish. Do some simple maths, (like 4 x 4 through 6 levels) and you will see that the potential income per month could be astronomical. The more you promote and help others, the greater your chance of creating a highly rewarding income.

Your Privacy is Assured

SupaClix does NOT use your details or those of your team, leads, prospects or contacts, collected and stored in the system in any way, other than to provide an appropriate level of service and to bill you for any services rendered.

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