Company Profile


SupaClix is owned and operated by Trius Technology (ABN 77 412 889 306), a privately owned company based in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

Since 1995 Trius has been providing leading edge Website & Telecommunications products and services to residential, business and corporate clients.

Trius has spent many years researching and evaluating products and suppliers in the Australian and International telecommunications industries. During that time we have observed great changes (good and bad) and the emergence of tremendous competition.

Glenn Bolton - Founder & CEO

Glenn Bolton is President of Trius Technology and founder of SupaClix.

Working as a research electronics engineer for nearly 20 years, Glenn transitioned into client service, support and then sales.

A stint with Microsoft as a customer support engineer in the early 90's exposed him to the internet when it was only populated by geeks.

In 1990 Glenn was introduced to network & affiliate marketing by a good friend. With great belief in the process of referral marketing, over the next few years he built a number of business organisations to many thousands of happy affiliates and distributors which to this day still provides him with great passive income.

SupaClix - Super Smart Marketing

Using his many years of marketing and computing experience Glenn Bolton designed SupaClix to make his online marketing life simple.

SupaClix is a suite of professional online and offline marketing tools used to convert prospects into customers or business associates.

Built around proven Funnel Marketing principles, SupaClix delivers more prospects, customers and business associates than you could do if you tried to do it alone.

SmartFone - Smart Communications

SmartFone was born in July 2005 as a result of dramatic market forces shaping the telecommunications landscape. The market was calling for a quality VoIP service provider with VISION so we decided to put into service Glenn's last 10 years of learning.

SmartFone has the credentials to explode the new era of telecommunications - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP is usually thought to be just Broadband Phone. Well... we believe it's more than that!

SmartAffiliate - Smart Income

SmartAffiliate is a customised marketing, profit share & user benefit program is structured as a global affiliate network, providing an opportunity to benefit by referring your friends and family to our services AND an outstanding financial opportunity for the internet entrepreneur.

SmartAffiliate is simple, equitable & profitable and can be deployed at lightning speed to all parts of the globe using the same technology that earns you income.